Commercial Insurance

We also write a large number of coverages for your business pursuits. We commonly write general liability, worker's compensation, business auto, property coverage, business owner's policies (BOPs), commercial umbrella coverages, and more. Quotes or further information on Commercial Products can be obtained by calling (586) 977-9900 or sending an email to

General Liability coverage is coverage that is afforded to protect you from lawsuits resulting from negligent damage to someone else's property or injuries to people (other than yourself and your own employees). Limits are usually written anywhere from $300,000 up to $1,000,000.

Worker's Compensation coverage is valuable coverage protecting your employees. This coverage pays for medical bills and lost wages resulting from an on-the-job injury. Rates are based on the amount of payroll you have, and vary greatly depending on what business you are in.

Business Auto coverage is effectively similar to personal auto coverage, but has different rates and coverages due to the business exposure of a vehicle. It is important that any vehicles used for business use are properly classified as such.

Property coverage covers buildings you may have for your business, as well as contents within the building (and occasionaly, some contents off premises as well). Often this coverage is included with liability coverages in a package policy.

A Business Owner's Policy (BOP) is a package policy put together, usually for a small business. There are many various property and liability coverages included, and often is a good choice for a small business.

A Commercial Umbrella policy covers additional liability beyond what your underlying coverages cover. These are usually written in multiples of $1,000,000, and can often be written in amounts as large as $50,000,000.